Hello again.
Wow.  As of our last count, there were 88 postings to answer the question, “What CDs should we make next?”.   As I mentioned in my post, please don’t hold back just because somebody else already mentioned your idea – we go by demand, and it helps us to know you want that CD too.  So please continue to register your wishes – we’ll be checking back to that page a lot over the next few weeks.

And your responses to the query about Spiritual Guide imagery wasn’t lost on us either.  Nineteen ‘dittos’ make a serious dent on our decision making.  And now that the good people of Tucson (Victoria Maizes MD and Judith Cohen RN) have shaped up my voice, I can do more recording.  Who knew? All I had to do was drink 43 gallons of water a day, avoid dairy and wheat, get a gigundo humidifier for my bedroom and not talk for 2 days beforehand.  Now that I’ve got the formula, new recording vistas have opened up.

In the meantime, the new CDs I recorded for Healthy Immune System, Caregiver Stress and Allergies are being edited by Bruce the Engineer, even as we speak. (It’s taking longer than usual because he’s schlepping back and forth to Florida to record the Cleveland Orchestra’s season there, so it’s hard to get him to stay put long enough to eliminate all the pops, clicks, gurgles, mutterings and repeats. Poor man!  What a dreary job!  No wonder he flees to Miami!)  But I digress.  Bottom line: we hope to have them ready in May.

OK, please do keep adding your ideas for new titles to our list.  You know by now, we take your wishes very seriously.

All best,

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