A plucky 40-year-old, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, who’s had 18 chemo sessions and 4 surgeries in 14 months, talks about her intention to feel great about living and not being in treatment.. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in Feb. 2002 and have now had 4 surgeries in 14 months and 18 chemo sessions. I''m 40.

Wow, what a marathon of healthcare intervention. Lap chole, hysterectomy and staging, hernia repair, bowel repair…. prior to this, I had had 3 other surgeries, so I''m getting pretty used to a gown and very unafraid of knives. ;) Did the MRI and the CD machine was on the fritz.... thankfully I had been listening to your cancer CD all week, so I tried to imagine a beam of golden light while I was in there. It helped.

I am returning to exercise and feeling great about living and not being in treatment. I am not focusing on my statistics, which are sad, but planning great times in 2004.

Definitely taking the time to hear positive thoughts each night before bed, and I’ve placed a moratorium on watching C.S.I. Too violent!

Rich Coleman ([email protected]) got me hooked up to GlaxoSmithKline, and they sent me some great journals and CD''s for the Chemo care packages!

I really like the affirmations and feel they will benefit me most. Maybe because I am so verbal, sentences and statements appeal to me. I can''t pay attention long enough in guided imagery, my mind just wanders off.....

Thanks so much.