Podcasts, iTunes and more…

The team here at Health Journeys is excited to bring you more from iTunes!  As many of you know, nearly all of the Health Journeys’ series titles can now be found on the iTunes store; however, we now have a free, new podcast channel just for you!

Health Journeys Podcast Channel

We’ve begun with a few clips of your favorite audios, and hope that you subscribe and check in frequently for weekly updates.  Going forward, you can expect more guided imagery and meditation clips, as well as content from some of your favorite authors.  Some of these episodes will even include portions of talks, presentations, and short informational segments on topics related to guided imagery.

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below, with ideas for segments you’d like to hear in 2014.  It’s a grand new year, and we genuinely hope that our addition of a Health Journeys podcast channel will become a regular part of your audio experience!

Finally, I wanted to share a tip when trying to find our audios for purchase on the iTunes store.  The search feature for the Apple store is notoriously tricky and often takes us to audios that we didn’t ask for.  Pro tip: typing the following formula into your Google Search engine in your i-device takes you just where you want to go when looking to purchase and download our full audios:

itunes Belleruth Naparstek Healthful Sleep (or whatever title you’re searching for)

Further, if you’re an Apple device user, this enables you to download our audios directly into your device, rather than taking the time to save our downloads to your PC or Apple computer, then using your iTunes software to translate the file, and finally syncing it all up to your devices.

Above all, let us know if you have questions – or suggestions!  Ultimately, we are here to be your best resource for relaxation, meditation and guided imagery.

Happy New Year!