Practical Advice on Using Guided Imagery for Panic Attacks

We applaud this woman’s recovery from panic attacks, using guided imagery as a critical part of her healing. We discovered this post not long ago, on a review posted on Amazon. It’s an encouraging and inspiring guide for others.

Surprisingly, panic attacks and intense anxiety are very amenable to most mind-body relaxation techniques, but guided imagery adds an additional dimension of reframing and perspective. Check out this report:  

During a time of great turmoil, including radiation therapy, stress from the loss of a job, and with a history or anxiety and panic attacks, including many medications tried, your Panic Attacks guided imagery has literally saved me.

You have to keep working at it - try listening to parts of it at least two to three times a day, until you can do the techniques on your own when you’re experiencing anxiety or panic.

The simple, soothing breathing techniques are extremely helpful and beneficial.

It also has helped with sleeping problems. I often listen to it on my ipod and do the techniques as I'm falling asleep.

I highly recommend this – it’s worth a try and worth the money. It should be titled Panic Attacks and Anxiety, though.

It also has several techniques on it in case one is better than another for you, such as affirmations, guided imagery, etc, and the music is very nice.

All of [the different tracks] work for me. I have tried yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture as well, but the great thing about this is you can practice the techniques anywhere, anyplace, any time you feel panic or anxiety, without fuss or being obvious.

In some cases you may have to slip away to a private place for a few minutes, but it requires little effort.

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