Hats Off to Practitioners Who Keep Finding These Creative Treatment Solutions…

Hello again.

I was delighted to be reminded last week of all the creative ways guided imagery can be combined with other healing techniques to produce extra-potent results.

A note from a licensed massage therapist at a rehab facility for neurological disorders and injuries in New York told of how she played targeted guided imagery during her aromatherapy massages, and how effective it was for most of her clients. She calls her newly minted program "Meditative Massage".

This reminded me of the recent Scripps study with a population of traumatized Marines between deployments, where the combination of our Healing Trauma imagery with a few sessions of a biofield therapy called Healing Touch produced an astonishing drop in PTS symptoms in just 3 short weeks. That was pretty stunning.

I was reminded of wonderful reports from Ground Zero, right after 9/11, from a couple of clinical social workers who worked with treatment-resistant fire fighters, who had no interest in talking about their feelings. Instead, these inspired practitioners introduced them to a behavioral technique called EMDR and bilateral self-tapping, while they played some relaxing guided imagery (General Wellness and Healthful Sleep). That was just the ticket for these macho guys.

I suspect there is no better catalyst for developing inspired solutions to ease suffering than working with people in pain, being flooded with empathy, and feeling helpless to do anything about it with the tools at hand. That's when the creative ideas start popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain – straight from the open heart into the more strategic brain!

So, hats off to all the compassionate, inventive practitioners out there, who keep coming up with this stuff. Please keep telling us about what you're doing, so we can spread these healing strategies around.

Happy Holidays,

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