We are utterly elated to announce our new and improved Private Label Download Launch. 

We can now give you a quick, easy, low-cost way to provide our guided imagery and meditation downloads to the people you serve, whether they are iPhone and iDevice users or Droid People, Mac or PC peeps…..

This new platform works whether you’re part of a hospital, clinic, group practice, social service agency, health spa, EAP, student health department, executive coaching service, cancer treatment center, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  • We build your organization a custom page, with your messaging and brand.
  • You pre-select the downloads that, in your considered opinion, your people need most.
  • We offer budget-friendly, quantity pricing for them, starting with a minimum order of 500 downloads.You send your people to the page, where they have free access to the titles you recommend.  
  • The downloads are equally accessible to iPhones and other iDevices as they are to Android users and desktops, thanks to our new app. (
  • We support ongoing success by sharing back-end data to help you adjust your selections, tweak your messaging and evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

Simply put, it allows you a quick, easy and low-cost way to get the audio downloads you’ve pre-selected into the ears of the people you serve, at no cost to them and at way discounted cost to you.

A sample page of what we could build gives you the idea.  Check it out and all will be revealed. (You'll need this passcode to get into it: HJTrialPage )

(p.s. We also have a fantastic new app for iDevice users that purchase individual downloads – check out the details here if you’re interested: