Hello again.

I’m delighted to announce that Traci Stein’s new audio program for Procrastination will be released by mid-February.  It’s totally terrific and I’m very proud to have it in our catalog.  

A couple weeks ago, when I was in the studio with our awesome audio engineer, Bruce Gigax, working out the mix of the music and Traci’s voice, we kept commenting to each other on how good it sounded.  

Bruce pointed out that he was wearing his Lucky Music Socks and perhaps some credit should go to them.  I didn’t share his opinion, but kept that to myself.  

Of course, I’d say that the biggest percentage of credit goes to Traci’s writing – words that are so beautifully articulated, technically adept and psychologically sophisticated – as well as her wonderful voice, pacing and hypnotic delivery. 

Then I’d have to give another big chunk o’ credit to Steve Kohn’s, powerfully evocative, immersive music – Steve’s music provides the perfect bed for Traci’s narrative, doubling the impact that voice alone could provide.  

And of course I’d have to give a substantial amount to Bruce for his recording, editing, pacing and mixing – this guy is such a pro!  

But his music socks?  Not so much.

Traci’s program features two hypnotic guided imagery tracks, plus a separate track of affirmations.  It targets with great skillfulness and subtlety things like breaking large goals into discrete, manageable tasks; sharpening focus and concentration; imagining the completed goal; increasing feelings of confidence; and forming healthy, well-timed work habits.

So keep your eyes peeled for this one.  We’re thinking it should be in the warehouse by mid-February.  

And it’s going to help a lot of deep-dish procrastinators, I promise.

All best,