Another reader of Invisible Heroes - a trauma survivor of 20 years - expresses her sense of validation, relief, de-isolation and hope for the future after reading the book.. BR, please post this. Reading "Invisible Heroes" has absolutely changed my life. I am a survivor of childhood incest and physical abuse and this book understands me, my symptoms, and my life post-trauma. This is the first time I have felt really understood. That within itself was enough. Yet, this book can explain my symptoms and what is going on in my brain when things like flashbacks are happening. It is wonderful to have clinical research to back up my experiences and to explain things to my academic/intellectual friends in a way they will take more seriously. And, to top all this off . . . this book brought hope to my life. Not only do I feel understood, and validated through the reading of this book, but I truly feel there is hope for healing. This is a new thing for me. No one in my almost 20 years of therapy (of all sorts) has suggested I could do more than manage the PTSD symptoms. In this book not only did I find hope for healing, but you give "how-to''s" for healing. I am so excited about the PTSD pack of guided imagery CD''s. I couldn''t afford them all, so I began with "Healthful sleep". Sleep is a particular problem for me and it seems to me that if I can get good sleep that would go a long way on the path to healing. I''ve used the CD for a week now and I''m sleeping really well. I''ve been able to decrease my dose of Ambien already and am optimistic about getting off this med altogether. More than anything else, thank you for your work, for your understanding of the PTSD phenomenon and for the hope you offer trauma survivors.text