Pump Up Your People & Process Skills with Dorothy!  Hang-Out on Air with BR!


Before I forget, I want to remind you that Cindy's super-successful back-to-school sale ends on Sept 7th. We've got strong titles for students eager to fine-tune their learning game (- even for those not so eager, come to think about it...). Check out our guided imagery for Procrastination, Self-Confidence, ADHD, Self-Esteem and Stress Relief, to name a few topics that have been flying off the shelves lately.

And on an entirely different note, here's this announcement:

So, all you Torontonians, Ontarians, Buffalonians and North Americans, listen up! If you're in the business of therapizing, coaching, consulting, or people-influencing, and want to pump up your people/process skills to a whole 'nother level, a pretty amazing and unique training opportunity is about to show up in downtown Toronto Oct 7-9.


My good friend and gifted colleague, Dr. Dorothy Siminovitch, is bringing her International Gestalt Coaching approach to Canada – an ingenious, cogent and illuminating way of showing professionals how to beef up their self-awareness, presence and intervention skills, to be more effective and successful at what they do.

Her work integrates the power of Gestalt into any kind of coaching or consulting. It's intense, growth-producing and substantive. It's also sprinkled with Dorothy's special brand of practical magic dust, and loaded with intuitive spontaneity and fun.

Don't miss it if you can help it. Learn more here: http://gestaltcenterforcoaching.com/enhancing-your-competency/

And, finally, dear people, don't forget our Very First and Only (So Far) Free Hang-Out on Air, a live and lively tele-schmooze with yours truly, which will be coming to a computer screen near you, on Thursday, August 27, from 1-2 pm Eastern.

We plan to have a swell give-and-take, back-and-forth, with me and fellow panelists, fielding your questions, concerns and ideas (which you're welcome to submit in advance if you like). You can participate to whatever extend you wish – including, if you're shy, silent spying on us blabbers. You can sign up here.

All best,

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