How Can I Quell Anxious Catastrophic Thoughts?

I have been experiencing anxiety and panic about my health, catastrophic thinking. I can’t seem to stop ruminating.

 I can’t seem to stop ruminating. Your anxiety/panic CD has been helpful. I’m wondering if you could recommend others that would help me get out of the catastrophic, ruminating thinking.

Thanks so much for doing these CD’s, and thank you for your help!


Dear Rebecca,

I'm sorry you're suffering with this.  I would recommend adding the guided imagery for depression.

I also suggest Breathe to Beat the Blues, an excellent batch of breathing exercises that should help as well.

But I also think you should consider getting a referral for an evaluation for meds if you're not being seen already. Sometimes the quickest and most effective way to interrupt this cycle, which can take on a life of its own, is with temporary medication, and I hope you will seek out appropriate help for this. 

Also, please be aware that many family docs aren't familiar with how to prescribe the right medication and dosage for these biochemical states - it's best to see a psychiatrist who's experienced with prescribing meds (not all of them are either). 

Best of luck,

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