Her Racing Mind, Gloomy Worries & Performance Fears Are Having a Party at 4 A.M.

We got this question from a woman with a host of worries and concerns, none of which are exactly small potatoes. In spite of all these issues, she's clearly managed to keep her sense of humor intact. Check it out:


Hi, Belleruth,

I've had two of your tapes for years (depression and pre-surgery). Now I need one for rising blood pressure.

I had a pace-maker/defibrillator installed last year for my exceedingly low heart rate (cardiomyopathy triggered by viral pneumonia years ago), and now my blood pressure's rising with accompanying dreaded drug onslaught.

Seems to get worse as they raise the dosage, which I hate, resist, and fear etc. Other pressures have increased, too = big work project I'm excited to be working on. Plus increasingly wretched relationship with alcoholic son, which I work on with my Alanon 12-step study and sponsor.

I don't need a relaxation CD to lower my heart rate, because it's set at 60, but my racing mind, gloomy dramatic worries and performance fears are having a big party. Especially at night around 4AM. Wheeeee!!!

So which CD would be best for me?? Oh, yeah, I used to have one of yours about heart health which focused on high cholesterol (not my issue) which I ultimately gave to someone who did have that problem..

Have some suggestions? Big thanks to you for doing your wonderful, effective work. Your voice and the music put me into the best space in the world. AND the messages stay with me!!

XX Your fan,



Hey, Sarah-Elaine,

Thanks for the question and the highly readable and entertaining way you presented it.

Sorry about these challenges you're facing - this big party you're having at 4 am doesn't exactly sound like a whole lot of fun.

For your "racing mind, gloomy dramatic worries and performance fears", I guess I'd suggest for starters the Healthful Sleep imagery for listening before falling asleep, because we're told it makes for more restorative sleep, true, but also for pleasanter dreams and more peaceful awakening (even at 4 am).

I'd also try the Self-Confidence & Peak Performance imagery for this big illustration project that's been generating your performance worries.

And for general gloom and doom, why not try listening to Affirmations in the car or while you're starting your day? I myself used to worry that maybe affirmations in general were a little hokey, but the fact is, they really do seem to change attitude, generate positivity and get the job done (even when a person thinks they're a little hokey). Based on 25 yrs of hearing feedback, I'm now totally on board with them.

I hope this helps.

Thanks much,


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