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  1. A Whole Lotta Good Questions about What to Get for Someone with Cancer


    Hello Health Journeys and Belleruth,  Five years ago I was the beneficiary of a Health Journeys CD called Successful Surgery. Soon, I plan to send comments how this cd was so very helpful for me.

    In the meantime, I would like to purchase some cds/dvds for a dear friend of mine who recently has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

    Her doctor says she must soon undergo radiation treatment for the bone cancer in her skull and hip, as well as reconstruction surgery.

    Here are my questions; and it’s OK if you are not able to answer them. Just let me know.

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  2. Guided Imagery Made a Big Difference to This Cancer Patient

    Probably the most frequent thanks we get is from someone who was really scared – someone who used our guided imagery to get a sense of calm mastery and control over their anxiety and fear.  Often that was facing surgery, chemotherapy or a tough diagnosis;  or it could be a condition that is in and of itself based on anxiety – panic attacks, OCD, posttraumatic stress and so forth.  

    Here’s an article that was dropped in my mail box about a patient at Beaumont Hospital System in Durango CO, who used imagery to face down some very tough and scary cancer treatments.  

    Do have a look if you’ve got the time.  It’s a fast but inspiring read.  Just click here.

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  3. An MP3 Jukebox of Audio Interventions for Advanced Cancer

    Researchers from the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing in Madison evaluated the feasibility and potential efficacy of a patient-controlled cognitive-behavioral intervention for pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance, during treatment for advanced cancer.  

    This one group pre- and post-test design consisted of 30 adults with advanced (recurrent or metastatic) colorectal, lung, prostate, or gynecologic cancer receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

    Participants completed baseline measures (demographics and symptom inventory) and received education and training to use an MP3 player loaded with 12 cognitive-behavioral strategies (e.g., relaxation exercises, guided imagery, nature sound recordings, etc).

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  4. Woman with Invasive Breast Cancer Resists Chemo, Then Accedes to It

    I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in August of 2002. At that time, I walked away from the institution that handed me the diagnosis, and went off to cure my cancer with all "alternative" treatments.

    I studied herbalism, and made my own medicines. I received acupucture, polarity, massage, huna, and other forms of treatments. I changed the way I was eating, thinking, and drinking, as well as living my life.

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