A registered nurse in recovery for chemical dependency finds imagery helpful, not just in staying sober, but for maintaining her spiritual connection… I am a registered nurse, who so strongly desires to deliver care to the mind, body and spirit. I am at a crossroad''s in my career. I was introduced to guided imagery after completing a four week program for chemical dependency. It was just what I needed.

The imagery continues to very instrumental in my recovery, along with the Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, individual therapy as well as my nurse advocacy program. The imagery as well as the music aids in maintaining my spiritual connection. When I am upset or distressed, I listen and it always brings me back to calm. I have never experienced a state of conciousness as I do now. Whenever I do not have the time for the imagery I listen to affirmations. I also listen to music every day. Everything is fresh, and I feel new, too. The imagery played a major part in this. It has been a great blessing, and I am grateful.