Running a Tad Late with the Gift-Giving? Our Downloads to the Rescue!

Running late? Who isn’t?! We will gladly rescue you.

Our gift downloads can save your weary, over-scheduled, procrastinating, late-to-the-party self! Instantaneous Health Journeys gift giving is at your fingertips, and will make you the thoughtful, responsible, timely, sensitive gift giver that you really are (in your heart of hearts). 

Check it out. These are eminently useful presents that will be hugely appreciated:

  • Help your best friend chill out like never before with Julie Lusk’s profoundly relaxing Yoga Nidra.
  • Show your spouse how to be kinder to himself with Traci Stein’s awesome Self-Compassion Gift Set.
  • Teach your adolescent nephew how to manage his test anxiety with the incomparable Bodhipaksa’s Meditation for Teens.
  • Grampa has to start dialysis or chemo next week? We can help with that, too – big time. Check out our guided imagery to accompany Dialysis or Chemotherapy.
  • Give the little ones empowering skills to last a lifetime with The Sleep Fairy.
  • Got friends hitting a bumpy patch in their marriage? Belleruth’s four exercises from Successful Relationships could make all the difference.
  • A friend is pregnant again? This time, help her tee herself up for an especially rich pre-natal connection to her baby and an engaged, empowered childbirth experience with Healthy Pregnancy & Successful Childbirth set.

You get the idea. Browse our catalog, because we’ve got the perfect gift for anyone on your list, facing just about any challenge or circumstance or life cycle event. Sleep problems? Menopause? Panic attacks? Combat Stress? Browse our catalog? We’ve got the right gift for it.

And in the meantime, please allow all of us here at Health Journeys to wish you the very best holidays possible, under any and all conditions!

From all of us...
Belleruth, George, Cindy, Cheryl, Elizabeth, Maggie, David, Bruce, Reed, Walter, Jon, Mike, Steve and Todd

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