Please Tell me if any of your confidence CD's are in subliminal form. Thank you.

There are no subliminal messages on my Health Journeys Self-Confidence CD, nor on Emmett Miller’s Optimal Performance , nor on Shirley McNeal’s Core Inner Strength), nor on Martha Howard’s Keys to Your Highest Potential.

The only CD that has subliminal content under its narrative is David Illig's Self-Esteem.  He embeds simple affirmations (which we checked out before adding his titles to our list) under his excellent Ericksonian hypnosis narrative.  You can just barely hear some of them with your naked ear. 

We have nothing against subliminal messages, as long as we know they’re supportive and congruent with what’s being spoken aloud, as David’s are.  But there’s not the body of research on subliminals that exists for guided imagery and hypnosis. Hopefully that will change.

I hope this answers your question. 

All best,