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  1. How to Handle Grief over the Loss of Health

    How to Handle Grief over the Loss of Health

    Dear BR,

    I'm wondering what the best cds would be for grief around the loss of health that will not be the same again and how this change affects relationships/work/options, etc.

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  2. Got Guided Imagery for Weight Loss and/or Positive Body Image?

    Got Guided Imagery for Weight Loss and/or Positive Body Image?


    Do you have guided imagery for weight loss and/or positive body image? Or can you recommend one?


    Hello, Philomena.

    Yes, absolutely. Best for weight loss, if I do say so myself, is our HJ Weight Loss imagery - it doubled weight loss in a controlled study at Canyon Ranch.

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  3. The Connection Between Healthy Boundaries & Codependency

    The Connection Between Healthy Boundaries & Codependency

    We got this question from a man asking about guided imagery for healthy boundaries and BR replied that she inadvertently already answered that question the previous week when dealing with a query about guided imagery to help with codependency issues, because they are different faces to the same coin. See below:


    Do you have any guided imagery for healthy boundaries?

    Jason K.

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  4. He Wants Imagery that Dispenses with the Peaceful Place Opener

    He Wants Imagery that Dispenses with the Peaceful Place Opener


    Dear Belleruth,

    I would like some CD recommendations for your meditations that don't deal with a favorite, peaceful place.

    My interests are relaxation and peace, self love and acceptance. I experience some constant low level anxiety and fear that periodically spikes due to situations I cannot control. Shame and guilt seem to be part of the package.

    Although I have done inner work for many years, I have found some additional insight from your book: Invisible Heroes.

    I am enjoying the Wellness Meditation which doesn't use the favorite place.

    Any help much appreciated,


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  5. A Midsummer Night’s (and Day’s) Dream

    A Midsummer Night’s (and Day’s) Dream

    With summer in full swing, I wanted to remind everyone about our great new day and night audio programs to encourage a healthy body image. As I sipped my Yogi tea, I saw the perfect beginning quotation right on the back of my tea bag, "Live with reverence for yourself and others."

    It's so simple, but it clearly defines the concept of having a healthy body image. If you have reverence for yourself, you respect your body and naturally give it what it needs to be the best it can be. If you have reverence for others, you see the beauty in them and you don't hold them to ridiculous standards either.

    Summer is a great time to focus on appreciation of your hard-working body, your oldest friend and steadiest companion. If you are interested in improving your body and body image, and you haven't tried Dr. Traci Stein's new audio programs, Healthy Weight & Body Image and Healthy Weight & Body Image during Sleep now is an excellent time.

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  6. How to Silence Toxic Self-Criticism that’s Coming from Your Own Head

    How to Silence Toxic Self-Criticism that’s Coming from Your Own Head

    BR, do you have an audio program available that can assist me with toxic self criticism and self acceptance? I didn't see anything on the website. Thanks.

    N.W. (for Name Withheld)

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  7. Anger Management in Prison, Thanks to a Little Guided Imagery

    A while back you posted a story by a corrections counselor, and this inspires me to share another story.  I, too, am a social worker who works with incarcerated youth.  They are all being tried as adults.  The jail where they are being housed has started to let one inmate listen to an imagery recording on anger and forgiveness.  He is on lockdown for fighting with another inmate who ruined his food.
    He had only begun to listen to the audio, and maybe had heard it three times.
    He became very angry about his situation and began pacing back and forth in his cell, trying to decide what to do.  He wanted to charge his peer when his cell door was opened.  He paced and paced, then he lay down on his bunk and continued to ruminate.  (This alone was progress, as in the past he reacted so impulsively, he would not have ever thought about his actions and consequences before acting.)

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  8. This is Why We Play Music with Our Kids

    Check out this totally self-possessed little crooner, merging utterly with the music she’s singing, while her Dad (I assume) plays guitar.  Holy cow!  Nothing more to say ‘til you see it.  Pretty magical and definitely inspiring!

    Check out the video

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  9. Guided Imagery Helps during Transition from Military to Civilian Life

    We love it when active and retired military personnel find some benefit from our imagery recordings.   We still hear from those who serve(d) in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they’re also really useful for transitioning service people.  

    Being newly civilian can make a person feel like a fish out of water.  Naturally, it’s weird to go from functioning within a fairly firm structure, with lots of rules and regs, guidance and accountability, authority and support (for whatever the mission or task at hand is), to then be awash in the relative freedom and loosey-goosey chaos of civilian life.

    It’s natural to lose confidence and self-esteem when we don’t yet know the ropes – especially when we’re used to knowing what we’re doing.  Sometimes a little support is just the ticket.

    So it was great to read what Donna posted on our feedback page under our imagery for Self Confidence and Peak Performance.

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  10. Traci’s Self-Esteem Imagery Helps with Aftermath of Painful Breakup

    Dear Health Journeys,

    I've been listening to both of Traci’s CDs for about a month now and they have been incredibly helpful. I have been trying to recover from a painful breakup that left me sleepless and questioning my self-worth.

    I knew I would enjoy the "Healthy Self-Esteem" CD for the positive imagery and reminders of my worth and it did not disappoint. I especially appreciated that I was able to use the affirmations and short-imagery whenever I needed a boost of confidence.


    The "Self-Esteem During Sleep" CD far exceeded my expectations. I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep and would often be woken up from disturbing dreams. After using the sleep CD I'm able to look forward to going to bed each night instead of dreading the struggle of trying to have a peaceful night's sleep. Maybe even more important is the feeling I have when I wake up in the mornings--quietly confident and calm. I'm so thankful for these CDs.


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