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Self Improvement

  1. Self-Help Delivers Modest Gains for Sleep Problems

    Researchers from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, examined whether a self-help intervention might offer an inexpensive and more accessible alternative to face-to-face therapy for the non-pharmacologic treatment of insomnia. 

    They conducted a meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies examining the effects of self-help interventions for insomnia, identified through extensive searches of bibliographical databases.  They examined the effects of self-help on different sleep outcomes, in comparison with both wait list controls and face-to-face treatments.

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  2. A Son’s Unwilling Participation in Weight Loss Imagery Yields Impressive Results!

    We got this from Dinah, back in the days when we sold guided imagery on tape:

    I am a large, Goddess-like woman, about 5’9” and maybe 285 pounds. I love to eat and so do my adult boys, who are also of generous proportions.  Let me be clear: I like the way I look, and so does my boyfriend.  But I started listening to guided imagery for Weight Loss for my health. I wanted to lose around 50 pounds for my blood pressure and my knees.

    I kept one tape in my car so I could listen as I drove around (even though I know you are not supposed to) and one at home by my bed, to listen to before falling asleep. It was definitely having an effect on me, because I wasn’t as hungry. I was mellow. The fried foods that I normally adore were starting to feel greasy and unpleasant on my tongue.  Even though I was not getting on the scale (I think that is a bad idea), I could tell from my clothes that I was losing weight.  I had more energy too.  But that is not what this tale is about.

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  3. Is Imagery to "Attract" a New Job the Real Deal or Spiritual Materialism?

    A worried Mom asks which imagery can help her son attract a new job, as he lost the job he loved and now is working part time and struggling..
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  4. The experience of transcendental meditation in middle school students

    Researchers from the University of Michigan’s Department of Integrative Medicine examined whether practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) offered beneficial outcomes to seventh graders. Ten middle school students were taught to practice TM for a one-year period, and then were interviewed in a semi-structured qualitative way to determine benefits.

    Students described (1) an increasing state of restful alertness; (2) improvement in emotional intelligence skills (self-control, self-reflection/awareness, and flexibility in emotional response); and (3) improvement in academic performance.
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