Plucky Director of Clinical Outreach, Keila Naparstek, tells us that an excellent company that produces a fine, herbal aid for menopause symptoms, will be giving away our Mastering Menopause CD.. Greetings, everyone.

We just heard from our diehard Director of Clinical Outreach, Keila Naparstek, that a very fine, over-the-counter herbal aid for helping with the discomforts of menopause will also be offering our Health Journeys CD, Mastering Menopause CD, free to its customers.

And our ever-resourceful strategist, Rich Coleman tells us that the highly regarded Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa has gotten extremely serious about using our Successful Surgery audios for its patients. Moffitt, which does about 7,000 surgeries each year, definitely sees the value of guided imagery, for reducing anxiety, pain and distress in patients, and in helping the process go more smoothly. Moffitt joins a huge host of hospitals that have wised up to this gentle but powerful intervention.

Researchers at Duke Medical Center and the Durham V.A. will be exploring the effectiveness of our PTSD guided imagery for healing posttraumatic stress. Psychiatrist Mimi Butterfield and post-doc psychology intern, Jennifer Strauss, will be applying their considerable talents and research know-how to investigating this important issue. Needless to say, we are all very pumped about this.

And in case you were wondering about our Cover Girl Star-Search, the women’s magazine did indeed choose two fabulous examples of women who had used guided imagery to help with weight loss and healthier eating. Their beaming faces and empowering stories will show up in the Thanksgiving issue of a very popular women’s magazine. Stay tuned!

Now, don’t forget, there are still tons of Health Journeys freebies to be had for your patients, if you are an oncology provider - just ask your sales rep from GlaxoSmithkline Oncology, OrthoBiotech or Roche Oncology for a box of goodies for your unit. The packages might look different with their private labeling, but these are the same Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Relaxation and Wellness CDs and tapes you pay for over here.

OK, take care and be well!