We send our good wishes, prayers, hugs and a pile of new, replacement imagery audios to our good friends at the Gulfport V.A. Hospital who pioneered so many wonderful guided imagery programs and research for their vets.. We send our good wishes, prayers, hugs and a pile of new, replacement imagery audios to our good friends at the Gulfport V.A. Hospital who pioneered so many wonderful guided imagery programs and research for their vets, and who lost so much during the flooding from Hurricane Katrina (and I don’t even know their status after Rita at this time).

They’ve moved their ruined clinic over to the Biloxi campus, but they’ve lost most of their supplies. If you want to know how you can help, email our plucky friend and colleague, Dr. Kathleen Reyntjiens at [email protected] and ask her what she needs. She writes:

"The giant oaks stood while everything around them crumbled. Water destroyed but also healed our dehydrations, our dirt. The water of our tears allowed release and connection with others. The squirrels and hummingbirds have returned. I and my colleagues have been successfully treating employees, patients, friends, family, and ourselves with the core self-regulation techniques of guided imagery, mindfulness- especially mindful breathing - and conscious awareness of the beauty in the rubble. As we found with our guided imagery research, this is helping to minimize distress, anxiety, hypervigilance, anger, sadness and insomnia, and allows all of us to be more effective, efficient, kind and caring neighbors in our survival and clean-up efforts."

We were asked by the Association of Humanistic Psychology to please provide some useful information for them to post on posttraumatic stress for survivors of Hurricane Katrina (and now Rita) and their caregivers, friends, family and early responders.

So I put together some basic, bare-bones information - important and very utilitarian, but also hard to come by, because in most therapeutic (as opposed to research) circles, these ideas are still pretty new or even unheard of.

So our wonderful techies at netincom.com made us a banner for the top of our page that links to a page of key information, not to mention some free, streamed imagery for people to use at the screen, and even to the brief streamed imagery, hypnosis, yoga, breathwork and acupressure interventions (also free), so perfect for trauma survivors, at our prodigious little Healer App, www.DesktopSpa.com . Please check it out and let others know it’s available.

Of course, people need to be at least partially settled somewhere and feeling safe, and they’ll need access to a computer, before they’ll be able to avail themselves of this. But we figure this still covers a lot of people, and this is a good, easy, do-able way to dispense some free interventions.

The banner is right here on our front page at the top right, but if for some reason you can’t find it or don’t see it, the specific link is here . Help yourself!

In a couple of weeks (October 8-9) I’ll be in Portland, Oregon, spreading the word about imagery and posttraumatic stress with my new workshop for The Conferenceworks: Breakthroughs in Healing Trauma: Success Through Guided Imagery and the New Therapies.

This 9-C.E.U. weekend is at the popular Skamania Lodge, outside of Portland. I talk about what actually helps trauma survivors and what doesn’t, and I demonstrate techniques as well as report on the latest research findings. We actually now know a lot about how to help people with PTSD and acute stress reactions, but the info is so new that a lot of clinicians and lay people just haven’t been able to catch up on it yet. The fact is, traumatic stress serves up a nasty and persistent set of symptoms, that have been fairly impervious to traditional "talk" therapy. This weekend will bring people up to speed, using the findings reported in my new book, Invisible Heroes. These are very exciting times and this information needs to be shared. I’m also offering some additional information about the intensely intuitive states that traumatic events generate - one of the few side-benefits of an extremely distressing cluster of symptoms!

This workshop is for the general public and for clinicians and early responders alike - anyone affected by a traumatic event (which could be anything from Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters, a car wreck, ICU stay, life-threatening diagnosis, fire, traumatic labor & delivery, assault, rape, domestic violence, grievous loss, combat, terror attack, childhood illness, and so on). We welcome all trauma survivors, and the therapists, counselors, docs, nurses, early responders, uniformed officers, EMT workers, teachers, journalists and concerned family members looking for a way to help.

I’ll also be offering this material in Palm Springs (Oct 15-16), Cape Cod, (Oct 29-30) and Albuquerque (Nov 12-13). For more information, call 888-517-7089 or for more contact info on The Conference Works! click on http://www.conferenceworks.com.

OK, take care and be well,