Well, these September days on Martha’s Vineyard are exquisite. The light is so crisply bright, the color so super-saturated - must be all that sunlight, bouncing off the water or something… Hello, everyone.

Well, these exquisite September days on Martha’s Vineyard always take me by surprise, no matter I’ve been coming here since 1967. The light is so crisply bright, the color so super-saturated and exquisitely defined, it’s breathtaking - must be all that sunlight, bouncing off the water or something. (I feel the same way about remembering the beauty of cities like San Francisco and Paris... simply too much gorgeousness to maintain in the mind’s eye ... the reality trumps the image every time, and it’s a stunning surprise all over again.) It also doesn’t hurt that the crowds are gone from these shores, and it’s deliciously, fragrantly quiet around here!

I’m continuing to review audio, video and software resources for our next catalog expansion. Stay tuned for our next batch of picks. There’s some great stuff out there. If you have professionally produced and packaged stuff you want to be considered, send it to the office in Akron and it will get to me for the next round.

Many of you have asked what happened with the women’s magazine that was collecting personal experiences, to highlight a feature story on the power of guided imagery to reduce compulsive eating and assist with necessary weight loss. Well, thanks to your responses, we were able to give the writer ELEVEN compelling heroines for her consideration, from which three were chosen. The photo shoot teams are being dispatched, even as I speak.

Hey, check out the Hot Research page this week. For weeks now I’ve been getting queries about tinnitus, an annoying condition where a person hears persistent buzzing or ringing in the ears - because of hearing loss, or a neurological glitch or who knows what. It tends to drive people nutz, especially at first. Sometimes it goes away by itself. More often, people just get used to it - the brain has ingenious ways of coping with irritating chronic perceptions - and it bothers them less.

But because tinnitus is an issue of perception, mind-body interventions work well to alleviate the annoyance factor, even if the noise is still there. Check out the tinnitus study with relaxation and biofeedback, and the meta-analysis, both of which I’ve posted on the Hot Research page.

Well, next stop is Houston, at the Del Lago Resort on Lake Conroe, where I’ll be giving my weekend, 9 CEU workshop on Imagery, Stress and Trauma. After that it’s Hyannis, Denver and then Santa Fe. For more information, check out http://www.conferenceworks.com/speaker_bnapa.cfm, where you can even register online. They offer gigundo discounts to Health Journeys distributors, and special rates for their patients or clients as well. They also have work-study arrangements for starving students and out-of-work folks.

Okay, take care and be well.