This week a press release made the rounds about a study showing in how mind-body therapies (guided imagery, meditation and yoga in particular) can drop high blood pressure as nicely as some of the best medications.. Hello again.

This week a press release made the internet rounds about a study by a Yale Medical School team of researchers (Ather Ali et al), showing in their review of the literature how mind-body therapies can drop high blood pressure as nicely as some of the best medications. Yoga in particular had some dazzling effects, but guided imagery and meditation acquitted themselves nicely as well.

I realized that stories like this one are becoming commonplace nowadays, and I read it with satisfaction but with no real surprise or starburst blips popping on my screen. Yet, just a few years ago, I would have been jumping up and down for joy, because of the breakthrough nature of such a report from such a prestigious institution. I guess times have really changed.

Please check out our Hot Research abstract for more details. When I can locate the citation on pubmed, I’ll post that for you too. The actual story can be found for a limited time here.

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