“In your heart is the future of our planet. You can make a difference through passion, compassion and love.”—Emmett Miller, from Healing Our Planet

One of the best ways you can take part in healing the planet is to develop a deep appreciation for it, as a living entity. If you love something, it is difficult to consciously do anything to harm it. If you have not initiated a relationship with our living planet, try it and see for yourself the wonder that surrounds and supports us at all times.

One exercise you can try involves just looking at the sky. When you go outside, look at the sky and slowly turn around in a complete circle, noticing that it is always there, all around you. Some days it is bright blue. Other days it is gray, with bits of orange or yellow peeking through, and sometimes it is pale blue, with fluffy clouds. Once in a while, it displays colors and patterns, like a moveable painting, but it is always there, all around you and above you. Once you do this, you might find yourself noticing the sky a lot more often, and you will not be as likely to miss the gift of a fire-y sunset display or a star-studded night sky.

I was fortunate to grow up in a wooded, suburban community near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a child, I learned to love the power, purity and perseverance of nature. The trees, grass and woods were my friends. Now, I am fortunate to live and work near Northeast Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Recreational Area, a park system that enables me to continue my relationship with nature.


For many people, getting in touch with nature involves simply opening the door and stepping outside, but even if you live in an urban high-rise, you can find a park or an outdoor space where you can appreciate nature. Once you cultivate a love for the Earth and an appreciation of the other species it supports, it will be easier to find ways you can give back. 

Earth Day

Each April, Americans designate one day as Earth Day, to raise awareness of our dependence on and appreciation of our planet. The tradition began in 1970, and came about largely as a result of biologist Rachel Carson’s ground-breaking, prophetically-titled book, Silent Spring, which is also credited with spawning organizations like the EPA, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. Carson’s scientific expertise, in-depth research and documentation, combined with her ability to pen eloquent prose created a chilling picture of a coming age when songbirds and honeybees would be forever silenced. It also made a statement of the oneness of all life and our interdependence with other species, issuing a warning that was hard to ignore.

This year, Earth Day is April 22, and it is a good time to make or deepen your commitment to environmental responsibility. Something as simple as turning down your hot water heater, reducing your use of disposable plastic water bottles, buying local produce or supporting sustainable farming can have a beneficial impact on the environment. Those who want to go a little bigger can lobby legislators to support renewable energy and spend more on environmental education, switch to solar heat, drive fuel-efficient vehicles, car-pool, use more public transportation or help re-plant rainforests.

To find more ways you can make a difference, go to http://www.earthday.org/takeaction/campaigns.html. To see your environmental footprint (the environmental impact of your lifestyle) take the test at http://www.earthday.org/footprint-calculator.

To enhance your appreciation for nature, check out our Online Store and our 2014 Catalog to see the many audio and video programs that feature Mother Nature’s landscapes. One of my favorites, Healing Waters: A Meditative Underwater Experience is an exquisite visual holiday, with special meaning for those who love the Earth’s oceans, streams and waterways and all the life forms they support.
Other examples of dazzling video imagery include The Healing Power of Nature by Charles Needle, and Jim Porter’s Rest & Relax.

Whatever your preference for viewing the wonders of nature, we hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience. Tell us how you plan to celebrate the Earth this year, on Earth Day and every day.