Sitting Around More Than You Like? Let Glenda Cedarleaf MSW Give Your Thinning Bones a Boost!!

Well, so how are you holding up during these disorienting times?  Having your ups and downs, are you?  Egads, we can relate.  In fact, all of us here in the virtual office are feeling your pain and some of our own too.  But please know that we’re thinking about you, we’re answering your questions and concerns as fast and as patiently as we can, and we’re here to say this too shall pass. The world may look different when it does, but it will still be here.

And we will all suffer our losses – some I know already have - but I’ll bet we’ll be smarter, better and kinder for having had to engage in this stay-alive exercise of thinking about ourselves in the whole - as an aggregate of humans that must survive this.

So, it may seem gratuitous or superfluous to start talking about bone loss during an Apocalypse, People, but actually it’s not – weakened bones can actually be deadly too, even if at a more leisurely pace than the coronavirus. 

And one of the best things we always do to maintain bone strength is weight-bearing exercise, right?  Well, for a lot of us, that’s been curtailed, at the gym or the track, by the rigors of social distance and other imperative public health measures. We make do at home as best we can. And good for us for that, I might add! 

But I want to remind you about the value of guided imagery for remediating thinning bones.

Now we’re doubling down and bringing you Emmett’s other half – the lovely, gentle, ultra-feminine voice and elegant bone-building imagery of Glenda Cedarleaf, MSW, whose new guided imagery and affirmations program, Guided Imagery For Osteoporosis & Supporting Healthy Bones,  offers a different-but-equal and very complementary take on using the power of the mind to guide the body to maximum bone strength and efficiency.

Glenda has been creating guided imagery and affirmations for quite some time now, and you’ll appreciate how she uses her considerable talent for artful, poetic language with her own skillful guided imagery technique. Her soothing voice and elegant narrative combines a thorough understanding of the psychological, the physiological and the behavioral elements necessary for maintaining our beautiful, beloved, beleagured bones.  

Listen to the sound samples and see for yourself. 

Sound Sample 1

Sound Sample 2

The track list and playing times are as follows:

Track 1: Introduction 1:33

Track 2: Relaxation & Guided Imagery 16:02

Track 3: Affirmations 10:07

All best, stay safe and be well,