A woman who survived early childhood trauma writes about being able to sleep again.  Here is what she emailed us:

“Belleruth - You are an important part of my life. I go to sleep to your voice each night! Really, I do. Your guided imagery has helped me move through troubled waters often as I have worked intensely with a therapist to heal from years of trauma beginning in early childhood. I began listening to Healthful Sleep several years ago as I struggled with persistent insomnia. It was wonderful! I was able to sleep. I was able to go to sleep and I was able to sleep without intrusive memories and flashbacks most nights.

“My latest purchase is Healing Trauma. I stayed away from this CD for a good while because of the disclaimer that the imagery might trigger trauma reactions. Then, I got brave and gave it a try. I have been listening to it every night for about a year. I sleep even better than with the Healthful Sleep. I have only once or twice heard the entire CD. I'm fully aware that this could be some dissociation at work, but I sleep and my life is so much more calm. This CD has made quite an impact in my life. Even my therapist credits this guided imagery with assisting me in making great strides in therapy. She has purchased it for her own use as well. “

[Ed. Note:  Most people are not triggered by the imagery - especially those with PTSD that has been seasoned over time. And many start feeling wonderful results right away, as this woman did.  But we can’t predict the small percentage of people who will be triggered, so we encourage those who feel a little shakey about this to start out with some simpler, self-regulating imagery first, or else listen with a therapist in the room with you.]