Hello, dear people.  I keep getting multo questions from Facebook pals as to how to sign up for the HealthJourneys fan page.  I guess what I didn’t say last time is, if you’re already on Facebook, it’s here: http://bit.ly/IBs3D . Sorry about that.

I watched an incredible sunrise this morning, over Vineyard Sound. One small, dark fishing boat was in profile, motoring out on still, sparkly waters, into a vast expanse of deeply pink and purple striated sky.  I kid you not, it was drop dead amazing.  All thoughts tumbled out of my head, and I just let my pupils dilate and feast on the sight.  Definitely a WHOA moment.

This was a good thing, because what I’d been muttering to myself about, just before I pulled up the blind, was my deranged Cleveland water bill ($849 for a summer when I’m not even there???  Helloooo, water people!!!), already contested and won once, yet back again, somehow, like a bad itch… with threats, no less, to turn the water off, for lack of payment.  (Should I care?? I’m not even there!)  

Indeed, I had already sent them one of my very finest “Are-you people-on-crack?” letters, to great effect, or so I’d thought – they’d called me, confessed to the error of their ways, promised to read the meter properly and straighten up and fly right. (Thus vindicated, I generously forgave them.  Alas, too soon.)

Now, as most of you know, the problem with thinking about this at 4:30 a.m. is there isn’t much you can do about it ‘til the offices of those bureaucratic virtuosos open at 8 or 9 or whenever.  And helpless fulminating over the injustice of it all is pointless, and not especially good for the old mental or physical health – although, truth be told, most of us would need to build up a serious habit of helpless raging before the body got messed up…. Still, we all know this is neither a useful or pleasant use of time.  But sometimes we get caught up in it anyway.

Enter the sunrise.  Ahhhh.  Beauty from something way bigger than me or my water bill.  An infusion of peacefulness enters blood and bones.  I breathe.  I put it away with a simple note to self: call when office opens.  

It’s all about where we choose to focus our attention, isn’t it?  Always has been.
End of story.