I have a young friend in the Army who has picked up the habit of dipping snuff. This is widespread in the Army, at least among warriors deployed in Afghanistan. He would like to break this habit, but is finding it very difficult. Would your smoking cessation CD be helpful to him?  If not, do you have anything else you might recommend?
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Dear B.D.C.,
You aren't the first to mention a concern about snuff addiction downrange.  I've been fairly clueless about snuff, so you've been the tipping point - after reading your query, I did some research online to get up to speed.  

I had no idea how addictive this habit was!  Now I do.  There are two websites I liked a lot as I was rooting around for info.  For support, there's a blog outlining one guy's journey in giving up the stuff at

And for informed, professional protocols and suggestions, I’d go to As I said, it was all a bit of a revelation to me!
As for the resources we carry, because it's a straight chemical addiction, I'd recommend the Alcohol and Other Drugs imagery for him, with backup, if he's motivated, from Charles Leviton's longer 12-step imagery exercises, Inner Peace, Outward Power - a really fine program tailored to recovery.

And if he supplements his nicotine addiction with actual smoking, then I'd also send him either to our Stop Smoking CD or any of the other excellent audios by David Bresler, Emmett Miller or David Illig - there isn’t a bad one in the bunch.

Good luck and I hope this helps.  And thanks for encouraging me to get a clue about snuff addiction.

All best,