This question gets answered, but also propelled a refresher look at the data bases to see if recent research reveals any new solutions to this age-old problem, which usually strikes pregnant women between weeks 4-16, from the sudden influx of hormones.  Those new studies can be found on our Hot Research page.

BR, got any suggestions for nausea/vomiting from morning sickness during pregnancy?  I could use some.


Dear Jana,

Last time I looked, the research results were positive but not ironclad (due to imperfect study design) for hypnosis and imagery, and stronger for acupressure, vitamin B6 and ginger.  I’ll look through the literature again and post what I find on our Hot Research page. 

In the meantime, there’s still the common sense advice our mothers gave us:

  • Keep snacks with you – nuts, bland crackers like Saltines
  • Avoid foods that are fatty, spicy or strongly aromatic
  • Lay off alcohol, caffeine
  • Keep your room temperature comfortable for you
  • Stay hydrated – carbonated water may work best
  • Avoid strong perfumes, odors of all kinds, when possible
  • 6 small meals/day may work better than 3 bigger ones
  • Don’t lie down immediately after eating – wait 45 minutes
  • For most, the symptoms are roughest from 4-12 weeks, but then it gets better or disappears altogether.

So, do check this week’s Hot Research, to see an update on relevant studies. 

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Good luck!  Hope you’re with the majority, and all this disappears by your twelfth week.

All best,