Hello again.

Well, the response we’ve gotten to the brief NICABM video interview I had with Ruth Buczynski about the military intro we created, thanks to First Sergeant (RET) David Rauls, has been off the charts.  Evidently therapists, providers and veterans from all over the world can relate to this issue of how to introduce a ‘soft’ skill like guided imagery or meditation to a person (like a soldier or a first responder) who needs it but is too wound up and adrenergized to use it.   If you haven’t seen it (or the over 250 posts from just about everywhere), you can check it out here.  The new intro we made with Dave's help is on the Self Mastery CD

You’ll have to give them your email address to get into the page, but then it’s yours to check in as much as you like.  You’ll also be advised of other free videos, presentations and papers, so it’s a good use of your email address. 

Well, the free Tapping Summit began yesterday but you can still sign up for it here.  I don’t know all the presenters, but I can certainly vouch enthusiastically for Carol Look, Donna Eden and Rick Leskowitz, so I suspect this is a stellar collection of experts.  You’ll need to sign in and give them your email address, but then the free daily presentations are yours to access at the appointed times.  

Hats off to Blue Shield of California for including guided imagery as part of its impressive, new Health Advocate Program.  It was this very Blue Shield group (Deborah Schwab, Dana Davies et al) which conducted the groundbreaking study that tested the effects of our Surgery imagery on patient satisfaction (high) and cost savings (over $1007 per procedure).  You can see the article here.

We found a nice overview on guided imagery here by Charles Leviton, one of our premier guided imagery practitioners and an expert on using imagery for addiction.  We proudly carry his highly regarded 12-Step imagery, Inner Peace, Outward Power. in our catalog.  

And speaking of some of our very favorite guided imagery practitioners, here’s a wonderful video of a presentation by uber-mind-body pioneer, Emmett Miller MD on imagery and healing.  Emmett’s a very special, talented and insightful guy, who’s been walking the walk and talking the talk at the boundaries of human consciousness and planetary change for a very long time.  He’s also a really nice guy.  Enjoy!

Take care and be well,