Hello, everyone.
Well, February is Heart Month, and we’re featuring our 2 popular heart kits:  Heal Your Emotional Heart is designed to help those burdened by heartache, to remediate all the emotional wear and tear that goes with being disappointed in a relationship.

Broken hearts are especially hard on people around Valentine’s Day, with all the lovey-dovey promo and romanticized advertising going on everywhere.

This kit features two of our bestsellers, Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal and Anger & Forgiveness; along with Emmett Miller’s brilliant Accepting Change and Moving On.

If you send this pack as a gift and we’re pretty sure the recipient will be in a far better place after immersion in these profoundly healing tracks.  Packed in a beautiful white bag with a red ribbon, these would normally sell at $52.91 retail, but are now priced at $37.95 - a $14 discount.

Heal Your Physical Heart focuses on your actual, physical heart, and is designed to help de-clog your arteries.  This is a terrific combo of 3 of our most popular best-sellers: Our Healthy Heart imagery; Emmett Miller’s hypnotic Down with High Blood Pressure audio; and Andy Weil’s multi-faceted, comprehensive Healthy Heart Kit.

Between these three superb resources, every sweet spot for strengthening your cardiovascular system gets pinged, and we pack this kit as well in a beautiful white bag with a jaunty red ribbon. Normally this would sell at $61.88, but for now it’s priced at $44.95 - that’s a savings of $17.

Okay, take care and be well.

All best,