Someone asks for something to help with allergies and immune system balance, and BR recommends the auto-suggestion work of Jean-Luc Mommaerts MD, who addresses these conditions specifically.. Question:
I have searched the archives for something specific to allergies. I don''t have asthma, but could sure use some healing imagery on balancing the immune system. I have some degree of auto immune disease and at times a less than strong immune response. I have made a lot of progress in healing, but seem to be stuck at this point. Please help!

Dear Ella,
Right now we have nothing specific to allergies only, I''m sorry to report. However, I can very confidently recommend to you the work of Jean-Luc Mommaerts MD - we carry a few of his marvelous titles in our catalog. He has a very soothing, rich, deep voice and the content of his imagery - he calls what he does by the European term, "auto-suggestion" - is very specific to the health condition he addresses.

His audio on allergy is at . He also has imagery for promoting healthy and balanced immune functioning at . J-L provides both a CD and a CD-Rom version for each topic.

By all means, do give these a try - he''s fabulous. And he covers a vast range of topics, so chances are, if you can’t find resources for a health issue on our site, you’ll be able to find on his. How this guy finds the time to do so many of these titles so well is a mystery to me, but he does - in English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portugese, too!!! Go figure!

I hope this helps.