Someone with complex PTSD finds the sleep imagery calms her enough to fall asleep with only mild sleeping pills, but when she goes without them, she starts crying and can’t stop Karla asks:
I´m using your imagery from restfull sleep from GI for the three stages of healing trauma. I have Complex PTSD. It has helped me calm to be calm enough to sleep with mild "falltosleep"pills (don´t know what you call them in English). Have decided to use them every night and try without pills. But now I just start to cry as soon as the music start and it don´t stop. Should I take a break from it, or is it important to stay with it through this?

Dear Karla,
It''s not a bad thing that the imagery starts releasing your tears - in fact, it''s usually a very good thing. But if the crying interferes with your ability to get a good night''s sleep for many nights in a row, or if it causes you a lot of distress, you might want to consider easing up a bit and using the mild sleeping pills every other night, or at the times when you know you need some sleep or just don''t want to deal with the tears. You don’t have to go "cold turkey" as we call it here. You can take a break from this if you need to!

Otherwise, as it says on the opening instructions, you can just let the tears move through you and rinse you. Some people feel like they''ll never stop crying, but you know, they always do eventually. Just don''t be surprised or alarmed if it takes weeks or even a couple of months. Again, it''s not a bad thing, in and of itself - it''s a sign that you''re coming out of some longstanding, traumatized numbness and coming back to life. This is good!

But you can break it up if you need to - either way, it will run its course.

I hope this helps.
My very best wishes to you for complete healing, mind, body and spirit.