Hello. I am a trauma survivor, the kind that is the most seasoned from early life abuse and patterns of self-destructive behavior. Although the acting out ended decades ago, I am truly impressed at how much work it is to heal from this kind of trauma which is related to my sexuality.

I'm writing mainly to say a deep, heartfelt THANK YOU to Belleruth for helping me find genuine relief and therapy through her book and guided imagery for trauma survivors.

I say ‘better late than never’ as it took this long to find what soothes and heals the wounds. I have also found refuge in Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, which is used for war veterans to regulate their breathing and hormone levels related to PTSD.

I wish I could say that I am working with a therapist right now, but I am currently unemployed and required to make the very most of what I've got, i.e., reasonably good health and a lot of smarts and work ethic. I am a consummate survivor, which has its pros and cons.

So the biggest obstacle is that I can't afford it right now. I figure it can't hurt to keep looking for a suitable therapist while I address the urgent need to find work.

I've gotten this far in life through sheer determination (age 56) so I trust that my life someday will lead to a beneficial outcome.

Most of all, this is a message of deep gratitude for Belleruth's profound gifts of insight about human nature as well as science. I feel that she sees me even though we've never met.