Dear Belleruth,
I am suffering with a damaged pudental nerve from childbirth which is leading to organ prolapse.  I have no pain whatsoever.  I found your reply to the question from a PT who inquired about which CD was best for women such as me and you recommended the Core Healing CD.

I was ready to purchase this when I noted that you now offer a CD for those with pelvic floor issues.. I am now uncertain which one is best for me. As stated, I have no pelvic pain… just the opposite in fact…. reduced sensation and lax muscle tone as a result.

I am desperate for help. I truly appreciate any guidance you can give.

Thank you,

Dear Connie,

I think when I wrote the answer you read, it was before Donna Carrico had created her pelvic floor imagery for Beaumont Hospital.  And even though you don’t specifically suffer from pelvic pain, I think this imagery is general enough to encompass a prolapsed uterus.

On the other hand, it is so general that in addition you may want to seek out your own local guided imagery practitioner to help you work on this in the most targeted way possible.  I just checked the listings for trained and certified guided imagery practitioners over at the Academy for Guided Imagery’s website and at Imagery International and neither seems to be working, so you may have to contact them directly for a referral.

However, I have to say, Carol, that guided imagery would not be my first choice for remediating this.  You may have to suck it up and get surgery.  Sometimes good, old fashioned allopathic medicine is the quickest and most effective way to go, and this may be one of those times.

All best,