Sonja Speaks of Twenty Years Benefit from Guided Imagery

Belleruth just got this gracious New Year’s note from an old-time guided imagery user.  

Dear Belleruth,

I'm a longtime fan; in fact, I first heard you on the radio speaking to the City Club of Portland (OR) -- that'll tell you how long ago it was (last century!). 

Over the years I have used many of your CDs.  Initially, they helped me navigate the joys and pressures of being a professional musician (Self Confidence; Relaxation & Wellness). In later years they've helped me through grief (Ease Grief); Mastering Menopause (I'm giving that one to the local library now); intensely stressful times at work; and much else. 

And I very much appreciate the music. A lot of "relaxation" music is intolerable for musicians, but I find Steven Mark Kohn's work lovely, and I appreciate the sophisticated way it is aligned to support the text.

And I often give your CDs to other people. I've given your chemotherapy and sleep imagery (among others) to friends. I gave your grief imagery to the local hospice bereavement support group. My 86-year-old father liked the Successful Surgery imagery so much that he listened to it twice a day for a couple of weeks before his surgery. He would delightedly tell me who had shown up in the imagery as his guardians, including his beloved grandmother and his favorite dog. It helped him face major surgery with more calm and confidence.

This has been going on for probably at least 20 years. I am deeply grateful for all of it. Belleruth, how good does it feel to have your work reverberating in the world in this way, doing such good wherever it lands?

Thank you very, very much!

All the best,

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