It's Time Again to Think about Spring Break for the Kids

Happy Spring, Peeps! Yes, it's time again to think about Spring Break for the kids. Many families travel but if that isn't in the cards for you and your kids how do you handle break from school? Do you keep them on schedule, or let them relax and be free spirits for the week? Schedule a plethora of activities or nothing at all?

I was clicking my way around the internet trying to survey what other people did with their kids during a staycation Spring Break. I found a website; Tip Junkie with some really cute things to do with younger children  . Scavenger hunts, crafts, homemade bubbles, hop scotch, airplanes - oh my! Almost made me wish I had a younger child again.... Almost (hehehe).

The tween set.... well, I have to say we try to keep our Mancub on a loose but still close to normal schedule. There might be some mornings that he can sleep in a bit or some evenings that he can stay up a bit later but really overall our kid is a creature of habit. Routines don't often get changed too much for spring break (we save that for Summer). After talking to some of our friends, I've put together a list of some things that they try to incorporate during break just to keep things not boring.... and not totally plugged in all the time.

  • If there are any projects or homework to do, then that is done the first day... hands down most important thing is to get that taken care of so no one has to worry about it later.

  • If the weather is nice, gardening and yardwork, hikes, or bike rides with family

  • Movie and make-your-own pizza night at home

  • Pick a new or unique restaurant and try it out

  • Local Museums sometimes get overlooked, pick one you've never been to and maybe call to see if there are any discounts ( usually has some good local discounts too)

  • Get some of the kids together and go bowling or a round of laser tag

  • Game night... pick 2-3 board games, make some snacks and turn off the TV

I think the most important thing is family time. Pick an evening or even a certain time period each evening just to gel as a family – no cell phones, no electronic games, just hang out. Too often we are spread too thin and going six ways to Sunday. Take the break. Enjoy each other. All too soon your kids will be grown so take advantage of every day.

As always, we love hearing from you, so comment below with any activities you and your kids do during your break.

We'll talk again soon!

Be Well.
Cheryl ☺