I am suffering from acute panic and anxiety after a miscarriage. Thoughts of something happening to me or my loved ones always prevailed.  After medications they got better but since I have stopped the medications I feel vulnerable again. Are there any guided imagery audios for this kind of condition?



Dear Patricia,

I’m very sorry for your loss.

It seems to me that learning simple, self-regulation skills would be a big help to you – not just because by practicing breathwork or simple relaxation  you can rebalance your anxious biochemistry and cut yourself some slack; but because by having these techniques at your command, you’ll regain some of that sense of control you lost when you suffered that miscarriage.

Once you have these skills in place – usually it’s only a matter of a few days of regular practice – you’ll have the wherewithal to stop your anxiety or panic in its tracks, anywhere and any time you’re triggered – simply by going within and using your breath, your imagination, your thoughts.  It’s a wonderful, empowering thing, to be able to reach inside yourself and pull out what you need.  

So I’d recommend the Panic Attack imagery. There are several tracks on it, and I’d suggest you pick the ones that suit you best and then listen 2-3 times a day (under unstressed, untriggered circumstances) for a week or two.  Try to position your hands over your belly or chest, in a way you can replicate as you’re out and about.  Then, when you get triggered by something or start to feel panicky over a worry, you can put your hands in that position, slow your breathing and evoke some of the words or images from the audio.  

Later on, after you have a handle on this, it also might help for you to try the Grief or Heartbreak or Healing Trauma imagery, if you feel that you’ve been so preoccupied with your panic, anxiety and worry that you haven’t had time to experience your profound sadness over your loss.

I hope this is a help.  My best wishes to you!