Supplying Quick, Badly Needed Support to Those Who Need It

Hello again!

This past week has been a crusher for everyone in our company, but a good kind of crusher.

We got to give help to the helpers – guided imagery for health care workers suffering with  stress, exhaustion, grief, anger… for feeling insufficient to an overwhelming demand… worried to death about their own families… unable to fall asleep… for all of that.

That’s been a satisfying thing for all of us.

It’s almost as if we’d spent the last 3 years getting ready for this.  We weren’t. We were just trying to catch up with the available technology and adapt it to our content and the places we serve: i.e., hospitals, schools, organizations and corporate HR departments.

But nonetheless, here we are, with digital platforms and content in place, and able to get some badly needed assistance to our frontline healthcare heroes, sometimes in less than a day and a half. We love the look of surprise and relief on those faces!! 

I’m proud of our extraordinary team, all working virtually from Cleveland to New York, from San Francisco to Washington DC, who, in no time at all, built made-to-order streaming pages of guided imagery and meditation, targeted for what people said they needed.

So, last week, that meant pages for a hospital, a state nursing association, a group of funeral homes, a national organization of trauma survivors, a small college, a big university, and employee assistance at a medium sized company.  

True, by the end of the week, we were pretty much walking into walls and blathering incoherently to each other.  But with smiles on our faces.


Wishing you all well.



PS. Please stay home if you can.

And this is harder than it sounds: don’t let people violate your 6 feet rule, because you’re too mannerly to say, “Please step back!” No one should have to die from an excess of politeness! TRUTH!