Give to Your Favorite Breast Cancer Survivor and to Breast Cancer Research at the Same Time!

Well, it's that time of year again – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And once again we're offering our Pink Ribbon Survive & Thrive Pack, created for all those breast cancer survivors who want to maintain a wellness regimen once treatment is over.

What we found was that people can get pretty anxious when treatment ends, because, even though that's generally a good thing, there's still this feeling of "Well, at least I knew I was doing something – even if the chemo produced nasty side effects, and the radiation therapy was no day at the beach either...".

And this loss of having something to do can be felt especially strongly by people who used guided imagery during that time of treatment, to boost the action of their medical protocols or help with pain or nausea or fatigue, or just to allay anxiety or provide uplift and a sense of mastery. That imagery served a real need.

Then, all of a sudden, treatment is over, you're hopefully "in remission", and there's nothing to do, so the anxiety can start seeping in again. You're still tired, but now it's not so much the side effect of chemotherapy – it's more from just not sleeping so well at night, due to scary thoughts taking over your brain and establishing a beachhead in your psyche.

This is when we suggest you try the goodies in this pack.

We combined some of our most popular, comforting, relaxing and health-boosting imagery (General Wellness, Relaxation & Wellness) with imagery to help you fall asleep and stay asleep (Healthful Sleep), along with imagery to boost and maintain efficient immune functioning (Healthy Immune System) combined to bring you just what you need to get back to enjoying your life and doing what you do, while still feeling like you're still actively engaged in looking after your health.

The pack is a very good deal at nearly $14 off. And, as always, a portion of the proceeds from these packs goes to the very deserving (not to mention uncontroversial) Vera Bradley Foundation, an excellent organization entirely devoted to breast cancer research.

So scope it out. Think of someone you know who could use this gift pack and give them a real present they can use and use again. And know that when you do, you'll also be supporting breast cancer research.

Take care and be well.

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