Surviving Sadistic Childhood Abuse – and Flourishing!

Dear Health Journeys,

I’m one of those trauma survivors Belleruth writes about in Invisible Heroes, who went from being a barely functioning mess (and sometimes not functioning at all) – even hospitalized for catatonia and other diagnoses of severe mental illness (what I would call a “normal” response to the sadistic abuse I experienced in my abnormal family context) - to a dedicated, joyful, energized and highly functional incest and domestic violence therapist. I love my work wholeheartedly and take pleasure in knowing I make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people.

Every day of my life is a joy, with few exceptions. I have a profound relationship with the divine, too.  

I want others to know that we don’t have to merely learn how to cope and manage our past history and all its symptoms and sorrow. We can thrive, transcend the pain, and find true joy. Many of us have. Please post this.


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