A survivor of attempted murder and the murder of her boyfriend by a crazed ex writes to BR that she is healing with the help of a good therapist and some guided imagery CDs.. I am a survivor of attempted murder. I am in counseling with a woman who was recently at one of your seminars. She got your trauma cd collection and the Invisible Heroes book. She is working with me and using them as tools to help me. She sat me down in her office and played the "Healing Trauma" cd for me. I have to say that your voice calms me and the things that you say really do help me.

In my case, I was with my boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend broke into the house at 3 a.m. and shot my boyfriend in the face, killing him instantly. I awoke to the gun shot and, well, you can probably imagine some of the rest of it. He then threatened and tortured me for 45 minutes until the troopers arrived.

Long story short...I am in counseling and recovering from the trauma. I guess I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much your cd''s and book have helped in my recovery. I am just starting the process with them but they are very effective for me. Thank You... Thank You.

I will continue on with the cd''s until I have heard them all. I just wanted to tell you how much of a help they are to me personally. I am grateful to you. Thank you again.

Linda Z.