T. writes that "Guided Imagery IS punk rock" over at her very clever blog, All Ears at the Coffee Shop, where she reports that it relaxes her .. click on her blog.. Someone recently wrote in to point me to this new paean to guided imagery by T: "Guided Imagery IS Punk Rock" over at a very clever, eclectic blog (adorned with drop dead gorgeous photographs) called

all ears @ the coffee shop:
muzak-free eavesdroppings, dreams, thoughts, moments, lists and more,
inspired by coffee & the life of T.
(a non-barrista perspective)..
Check it out at
http://bubbsvblog.blogspot.com/2006/01/guided-imagery-is-punk-rock.html In spite of the fact that she was accused of becoming woo-woo by a friend or two, the plucky T. stands by her discovery. Guided imagery relaxes her. Enough said. We in Akron, Ohio are all very happy to have T. on our side.