Meet the Inspired and Inspiring  Lynne Newman  (We Love Her.)

I first learned about Lynne Newman decades ago, from her cousin Claudia, our tech goddess at the time. When I think of how to describe Lynne, what comes to mind first is that she’s a very special and beautiful person, and so uniquely kind, I don’t know anyone like her.

Lynne would probably say her guided narratives come from ‘Guidance’ with the capital G. I would just say her material speaks to the hearts and souls of people – it’s immersive, authentic, generous, kind, and affirming, and people feel better for having listened to it.  She has a dedicated following. Lots of people just get all 5 of her audios, because they feel like they’re being blessed as they listen.

Below is Lynne's story in her own words (or most of it – she’s lived through a lot, and it’s a miracle she’s walking and talking, let alone working as a happy, successful and beloved counselor.

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