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  1. Improving Patient Outcomes with Guided Imagery

    Improving Patient Outcomes with Guided Imagery


    When a health care provider cures a disease or heals an injury, that’s an obvious success. But other health improvements are more subtle or harder to measure.

    That’s why health care organizations are increasingly measuring their effectiveness in terms of patient outcomes – i.e., the results of the care delivered to individual patients.

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  2. Chuck Leviton’s Brilliant Imagery Boosts Successful Substance Use Recovery

    It’s been two years since we finally found, cleaned up, remastered, and published Chuck Leviton’s guided imagery for each of the 12 Steps - the 12 Steps being the ingenious blueprint for substance use recovery that is at the heart of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and all the other AA programs that have helped millions of people around the globe.

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