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stop smoking

  1. More Ways to Create Positive Change

    More Ways to Create Positive Change

    Although potentially challenging, identifying what we’d like to be different in our lives, and creating a plan for change, can help us feel happier, be healthier, and set us free from things we know, deep down, are unhealthy for us.

    If you’ve read my earlier post, “8 Essentials for Creating Positive Change,” you are already armed with the fundamental tools to address those habits, patterns, or relationships that need tweaking (or more).

    Below, I address in a bit more detail how to successfully engage in the process of change. What follows are some of the most common changes people seek to make, and what to keep in mind.

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  2. After 42 Years Of Smoking, She Quit. Here’s What Made It Easy...

    After 42 Years Of Smoking, She Quit. Here’s What Made It Easy...

    Belleruth here. We got this story many years ago.  Since the time it was written and posted, Terri passed away, leaving a hole in many a heart. She had a smile that could light up a room, and was a much-loved sweetheart to her partner, friends and community. 

    Terri had been a super-addicted smoker, who generously agreed to let me interview her when I was working on the guided imagery script for smoking cessation.

    I knew her through friends, and had always seen her as kind of angelic. That’s why my jaw dropped and I snorted in disbelief when the first thing she told me was that she’d been smoking since she was ten.  

    Anyway, here is her story, as she once posted it years ago.

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