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Holy cow. There’s so much going on around here, I don’t know where to start.

We seem to be popping out new platforms like gangbusters, in our everlasting quest to find easier, less pricey, and more adaptive ways to get our audios into the ears of those who need them.

Hi Belleruth,

I was wondering if you ever considered doing a guided imagery specifically for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. As a survivor, and now someone who works with women survivors, there have been times guided imagery has been helpful, but it takes a long time for the person to start to try to relax into it.


Well, we had a strong year for producing fresh audios you’ve been asking for, and revitalizing and re-engineering some marvelous Golden Oldies – first-rate, evergreen, much-loved guided meditations by masters in the field, but recorded under outdated conditions. Check it out!


For Mother’s Day this year, I want to celebrate moms in the spirit of Anne Taintor. You probably know who she is, even if you don’t recognize the name. Her work shows up on cocktail napkins and fridge magnets. As the copy says, she’s been busy “making smart people smile since 1985”.

Dear BR,

I am working with a client who has a musical background and she said that she finds the music (that I love!!) on your Depression CD I loaned to her very irritating!! Do you have any CDs with no background music?

Belleruth, Hello.

We met at the Integrative Health conference in New York, at your beautiful presentation. I’m the physician who flew in from Pakistan. I hope you still remember me.

We had talked about a guided imagery audio by a husband and wife team to help with sexual intimacy, for a patient of mine who has a husband with no sexual drive. The husband has no problem with this situation and says he has always been this way. But my patient is troubled, saddened and angered by the situation. Can you remember which audio you mentioned to me? I would like to be able to suggest something to her that could possibly help.

I have your book Invisible heroes published in 2004 but do not agree with your suggestion that people can use antidepressants. I have seen these medications destroy people's lives instead of helping them. In some cases, I have seen them become very ill with little help from the medical community, psychiatrists, or counseling. There are many studies about the danger of these treatments. Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker has lists of the problems as well as the fight that Peter Breggin M.D has brought to the attention of the danger of these drugs in the many books he has written warning us about the dangers. These antidepressants and antipsychotics are causing deaths in nursing homes because they are given to patients who are too much trouble. I would like to know how you feel about these horrible medicines in 2019.

Dear Belleruth,

I would like to use Guided Imagery to lessen the pain of neuropathy in my feet from chemo.


You are a genius. Thank you. I have struggled getting good sleep the past 5 years as a result of being woken up so many times as a new mom. I've had a cascade of health issues as a result. A friend turned me on to your CDs after she was using it successfully to prepare and recover from extensive surgery. I got the sleep one from the library and....for the first time, after countless doctors visits, supplements, and dietary changes, I finally feel like there's some healing going on.

Hello, everyone.

There’s a lot going on over here at Health Journeys.

For starters, our long-awaited app is just, just, just about ready to go live. Sweartogawd and cross my heart, this is so.