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Well, we had a strong year for producing fresh audios you’ve been asking for, and revitalizing and re-engineering some marvelous Golden Oldies – first-rate, evergreen, much-loved guided meditations by masters in the field, but recorded under outdated conditions. Check it out!

Dear BR,

I have been using your CDs for over 15 years & swear by them. A friend of my daughter is 7 days sober. She is a phone person, so I would like to know if the MP3 is to be downloaded on to a phone or should I get her an MP3 player. Old school here, but I think she would really benefit listening to your new Dr. Leviton guided imagery.


I am put off by what you have to offer. Health Journey's full support of Alcoholics Anonymous is appalling. AA views people through a deficit-based lens. Proof for this statement exists on your website. It calls people who use substances as "skinless", "self-deluded", and "addicts". This kind of language hurts people who struggle with compulsive behavior. It violates some of the basic principles of our social work profession.

Hello Belleruth,

My question is about this version of 12 steps from C.L. I would like to buy but the 12 Steps seem to be very fatalistic:

#1 powerless about XYZ, #2 only help through an external power-force, #6 & #7 change my situation only through an external power-force

That is what they say and what they try to believe, as I see on my sister and on Wikipedia. I would not like to reinforce this IMO disbeliefs/limitations into my head by a well-made hypno-file.


Guided imagery got a big boost from the Recovery community and the ‘Inner Child’ movement of the ‘80s. Charles Whitfield, John Bradshaw, Melody Beattie, and Claudia Black led the way for introducing guided meditations to help people recovering from addiction, co-dependency, childhood brutality and neglect, helping listeners go within for healing and reclaiming a redeemed and transformed self.

But then, sometime in the nineties, at a NICABM Hilton Head conference, I sat in on an imagery workshop by Chuck and Patti Leviton. It presented a series of guided meditations for recovering addicts, and the imagery was designed to accompany each of the 12 steps. It blew me away.

Dear Belleruth,

I’m wondering if you have any programs that could help an alcoholic trying to achieve sobriety after 25 years of addiction. He is having a very difficult time.