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For nearly 25 years, ever since my son built me a Health Journeys website as a birthday present in 1995, I’ve been searching the databases for new research on guided imagery – usually on a weekly basis.

At first it was a real fool’s errand, because there was so little there.

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Hello, everyone.

There’s a lot going on over here at Health Journeys.

For starters, our long-awaited app is just, just, just about ready to go live. Sweartogawd and cross my heart, this is so.

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A revealing pilot study by Australian researchers investigating what helps people suffering from social anxiety, shows the immediate and powerful impact guided imagery, as compared to a more verbal/mental approach.

The research compared 2 different interventions - Imagery Rescripting and Verbal Restructuring - comparing them to each other after one group session of each, and both to a no treatment/waitlist condition.

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It’s time to mention some terrific upcoming learning opportunities. They all seem to be happening in California. The state is popping with exciting conferences and symposia, starting this April with a fresh, one-of-a-kind integrative mental health conference. Check out these 3 opportunities.

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Good morning!

My sister is currently suffering from diabetes II, chronic kidney disease (stage 2) and the doctors are unable still to get her blood pressure under control. While the doctors are suggesting that she have surgery to help with weight loss that will reverse the conditions mention above, I have suggested to my sister that an integrative approach is best. This thought process led me to your site. I have used your products in the past and have been satisfied. Which combination of CDs do you suggest my sister may benefit from given the aforementioned medical issues.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

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I’ve been using Belleruth’s guided imagery for many years. I’m now a therapist, and sometimes I like to begin my sessions with mindfulness, especially my couples sessions. I’m looking for a 3-minute audio download to bring calmness, so my clients can feel a sense of calm and clarity during the session. 5 minutes seems too long. Any recommendations from your catalog?

Thank you!

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Year after year, the top New Year’s resolutions in the United States are consistently some variation of “Exercise More” “Go on a Diet” or “Lose Weight”. If your goal is to be healthier, that’s great! But it’s important to remember that your healthiest weight may not be the smallest number on the scale.

Nor is it always your best look, for that matter. I have an athletic friend who was naturally stocky and well-muscled, who was so obsessed with having the smallest number dress size possible, that on the two yo-yo occasions that she achieved her goal (an unnatural size 8), her normally round, pretty face became gaunt, lined, discolored, and positively haunted looking. She looked sick.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 10:14

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Well, Wow! It’s been an eventful year, seeing major, across-the-board changes - to the way our company is run, the kind of staff we’re hiring, the platforms we’ve built, the organizations we serve, and the audios we produce.

We’ve put substantial focus on apps and web based streaming pages – by early 2019, we’ll have streamlined and updated all the ways we can deliver guided imagery and meditation to individual end-users and companies, on phones, players, desktops, bedside tablets, TV screens, or whatever device is used. 

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018 12:48

What Audios Can Help With Profound Grief?


Is there any help for profound grief?


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Dear Belleruth:

I have been on the cancer journey for over 18 months now trying to do everything right and just got some terrible news. I have been crushed, confused, stressed. I decided to try an alternative medicine immunotherapy and my naturopath recommended your guided visualization. I need something that will help me overcome this stress, relax, and boost my immunity. Can you make a recommendation?

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