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Well, we had a strong year for producing fresh audios you’ve been asking for, and revitalizing and re-engineering some marvelous Golden Oldies – first-rate, evergreen, much-loved guided meditations by masters in the field, but recorded under outdated conditions. Check it out!


We’re very excited to be bringing back to our recording studio the brilliant health psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Carol Ginandes. We’ve managed to seduce her away from her teaching perch at Harvard to record two new audio programs for us – one for people with Tinnitus and one for those with TMJ or temperomandibular joint disorder.


Hello again. My son Aaron found Emily McDowell’s Empathy Cards online and showed them to me. They’re to send to people with cancer. I read a few, and it immediately hit me: there’s been a sea change in attitudes about cancer.

Well, Good Reader,

We all have self-defeating habits we'd like to pitch, and a few healthy new behaviors we’d love to roll out. We eat too much, chew our nails, procrastinate, and get cranky in traffic. We aspire to exercise more, become patient with our kids, meditate every day and organize our closets.

Recent surveys estimate 40 million Americans, or 1 in 7 people are addicted to nicotine, alcohol or drugs, and the numbers are increasing, in spite of more than $468 billion spent on battling addiction.