A water aerobics instructor reports that guided imagery with a distinctly Christian flavor is a helpful element in the cool-down phase of her water aerobics and with water tai chi classes, designed for people suffering from arthritis.  Here are her own words:

Dear Health Journeys,

I am a water aerobics instructor, who also teaches tai chi in the water to people suffering from arthritis.  I discovered imagery in the library on the internet.  Now that we have a nice, new, warm, 30-person, hydrotherapy pool, I now use my own guided imagery for the cool-down part of my classes.

I use sayings and visualizations that I have written and say quietly to my classes, as they move their arms and legs slowly to keep warm during this time.  I encourage them to close their eyes and imagine.
Because this is a Bible-based faith community, I use images of Jesus, and I close with prayer.  This seems to be a very effective, soothing and a much-appreciated way to conclude my classes.
Blessings to all of you,

Vicky B.

[Ed. Note: For excellent, Bible-based guided imagery, the Rev. Donna Shenk and Dr. Robert Miller have created the Tranquilities Series, which can be found here.]