Elizabeth got this note from a nurse who’d sustained a concussion that kept her from working, driving or doing two things at once – very frustrating and discouraging, needless to say….

In October of 2012, I sustained a concussion.  I couldn't work, drive or multi-task.  My thought process was slow and frustrating.  A health care professional trained to care for others, I was humbled.  

After months of slow progress, I turned to guided imagery for help.  I found Belleruth's TBI imagery/affirmations immensely comforting and assuring.  With repeated use, I was gently guided from a place of despair to one of hope and renewal.  "The more I accept what I feel, the more I allow myself to heal."

Thank you for partnering with me on my health journey.  I highly recommend this sensitive, well-researched recovery tool. 
Jane N., RN, MS